Sunday, December 27, 2009

Role of Agency Implementation of Special Autonomy in Aceh A Theoretical Review

By: Bintoro Wardiyanto

Earthquake phenomena that followed the storm and tsunami waves in Aceh Land Rencong toward the end of the year 2004 have claimed many lives, property, and urban infrastructure, good government buildings, banks, shops, roads, bridges, social facilities and the disappearance 25,000 hectares of mangrove forest, 29,200 hectares of coral reefs, and 120 hectares of sea grass.

According to Bakornas data (2005) the number of victims who died and was buried as many as 123,357 bodies including District 15 in Aceh Province, then the missing person dead and estimated as many as 113,937 people, while the victims died in North Sumatra Province as much as 130 dead and missing as many as 24 people.

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