Saturday, December 26, 2009

If Want Great Focus

Writer: Jamil Azzaini
Media Sources: Antara, 18 Desember 2009.

If you want to be a master in a particular field remember these words: focus on one thing or skill with endless devotion to continue to improve, and we wanted to be the best.

Focus, relentless improvement and a strong desire to be the best is the main fuel to become a specialist. And most large majority of people coming from a specialist.

B.J. Habibie is a specialist in the field of aircraft. Is success purely a natural gift?. Of course the answer is no. He took what was given by nature to him and run this formula; focus plus ongoing continuous improvement and a strong desire to be the best.

Male birth-Pare Pare is not want to be the best in five different areas. For example, he did not want an expert on the train or four-wheel vehicles. Former President of the Republic of Indonesia is the third great just wanted to field the aircraft. And he succeeded.

Michael Jordan to focus on basketball. Cristiano Ronaldo focused on football. Muhammad Yunus focus on microfinance. Bill Gates focused on computer software evelopment, Dedi Mizwar focus on the film. Yusuf Mansur focus on the science of charity. Hermawan Kertajaya focus on marketing world. They and many others do not break the focus practiced. And they succeeded.

Edison patents registered 1093. He also discovered the light bulb to the phonograph. The man who once branded an idiot by his teacher is not trying to be big sellers, the famous poet, and renowned musicians. He only focuses on the findings. He also improve every day. And always encouraged to become a great inventor and benefiting the world.

Furthermore, he allowed time to create miracles. And it turned out, knocked on the door of success for people who are focused on the field. They are the specialists.

Perhaps you remember the story of Pablo Picasso. One day, a woman seen in the market and he took a piece of paper. "Mr Picasso, I'm a fan of you. Would you draw a little for me? ".

Picasso happily meet demand and carve a form of art on paper provided. Smiling, she returned the paper saying, "The value of this paper could be millions of dollars lho." She was confused and said, "But you master it only takes 30 seconds to produce this masterpiece." Laughing Picasso replied, "It took 30 in order to produce a masterpiece in 30 seconds. "

Know what your strengths. Discover your talents, and strive hard to polish your talents. Know what the best part of your life. You are very skilled and enjoying it. Even you sometimes anxious when you do not do that.

Perhaps you are a good communicator mix. Maybe you're an expert on smooth state. Maybe you're an innovator who could produce something new. Maybe you're a diligent business results despite a small but large volume. Or you're an expert adds value, so you can sell the same products but at a price much higher.

Discover your strengths, and develop. Focus on your strengths and constantly honed, doing continuous improvement, and Commit to be the best in your field. I am sure that no more than ten years from now you will be a great person in your field. Maybe people will talk or write about you.

Let's bet with me. If you've found your talents and devote time each day to hone that talent and continuously improve and Commit to be the best in that area, no more than 10 years to come you've become a great one.

When it bring a gift to me, because I have won this bet. If you fail, it's because you want to be good at all the things that break your focus. Finally, you did not get the whole thing.

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