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Constitution Critical Studies Before and After the 1945 Amendments

By: Ni'matul Huda
Doctoral Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law UII, Yogyakarta.

The urgency of the 1945 Constitution Changes

Since the reform, the 1945 Constitution that "sacred" experience desakralisasi. The idea of changing the 1945 Constitution into a demand that can not be avoided anymore. Why do the 1945 changes?.

Various reasons can be advanced why the change is important and should be done. Philosophically, the importance of the 1945 changes are, first, because the 1945 Constitution is the moment of hospitalization from the various political and economic power of the dominant at the time the constitution was defined. After 54 years later, of course there are many changes both in national and global level. This is of course not included in the 1945 Constitution because it had not seen these changes.

Second, the 1945 Constitution drafted by the appropriate human nature will never reach the level of perfection. The work people do still have the possibility
weaknesses and shortcomings.

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