Friday, May 23, 2008

Note Simple 100-year Celebration of National Awakening Day

By: Firdaus Arifin
Writer: Lecturer Constitutional Law Section and Secretary of Constitutional Studies Center Faculty of Law, University of Pasundan, Bandung, West Java, Indonesian.
Published by: Indonesian Constitutional Law 2008.

Three days ago, on May 20, 2008, the Indonesian people celebrate One Hundred Years of National Awakening Day (Harkitnas). The highlight of the focus on the main stadium Bung Karno Jakarta is going very grand and festive covered by various national media and international print and broadcast live by television stations in the country. On one side saw the celebration of 100 years Harkitnas so festive and glamorous sense of pride is implied, but on the other hand if you ponder more deeply, there is a very disturbing question of reason and my conscience, if appropriate warnings 100 Years Harkitnas done grand and glittering like it? Of course, common sense and conscience I replied firmly INAPPROPRIATE!.
How not while people are suffering because ridden by various difficult affliction to live like food, oil, electricity and high cost of education, etc., administration Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) - Jusuf Kalla (JK) with the offhand squandering state money should be normative must be used for the welfare of the people.

Besides what glorious achievements that have been etched by this nation during the last 100 years, so have to celebrate the 100 year grand Harkitnas like that? Achievements as a country with foreign debts accumulated by the state or achievements of the highest level of corruption in the land? To this day I am not even know what government's intentions and arguments 100 Year celebration held in the magnificent Harkitnas like that. If only the ghost dr. Sutomo as one of the national revival deklarator past 1908 years could rise from his grave, may he be angry and sad to see the 100 year celebration Harkitnas held by the government of SBY-JK are grand like that.

This little note I deliberately guratkan as a reflection for us all, especially the younger generation successor to the nation, this is the fact that there is now, from day to day SBY-JK government had no more and decides to take the policy to the people. Another clear example of a policy look up the price of fuel oil (BBM), although opposed by all people, SBY-JK government persisted to implement these policies. Ending this brief note, one important message I want to to 223 million people of Indonesia, DO NOT CHOOSE TO SBY-JK PILPRES 2009 (DONT VOTE IN SBY-JK PILPRES 2009).

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