Saturday, December 29, 2007

Agenda Hundred Days Corruption Eradication Commission Part II

By: Firdaus Arifin
Writer: Lecturer Constitutional Law Section and Secretary of Constitutional Studies Center Faculty of Law, University of Pasundan, Bandung, West Java, Indonesian.
Published by: Indonesian Constitutional Law 2008.

A LONG series of candidate recruitment process management / commissioner of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which lasted for several months, finally finished already. Five of the commissioner of the Commission of the fit and proper test (fit and proper test) conducted by the House of Representatives Commission III at the beginning of December last (15/12), was officially inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono became the leadership of the Commission or the 2007-2011 period the Commission Volume II, on Tuesday afternoon, December 18, 2007 and, at the Palace Jakarta. The fifth person who was appointed commissioner of the Commission Part II, namely, Antarsari Azhar, Chandra M. Hamzah, Bibit Samad Rianto, Haryono and Mochammad Jasin. The five commissioners assigned to the Commission Volume II through Presidential Decree (Decree) No. 117/P/2007. In addition, with the same decree, President Yudhoyono dismiss with respect to the period 2003-2007 the Commission commissioner or commissioner of the Commission Volume I.

Thus, the current anti-corruption baton has officially changed hands to the commissioner of the Commission Volume II. Related to the composition of the Commission Volume II commissioner assessed by a number of the very poor and disappointing, in my opinion, it should be less problematic again in a protracted. Because the content is not satisfied, we all have to accept it. In short, because the President has inaugurated the five commissioners of the Commission Volume II (although not satisfy many parties) then we should give the opportunity to work and perform his duty well, with the encouragement and strict supervision of all of us. Because no matter what the future, the Commission remains a pedestal and we all hope in the war against corruption which is very chronic in this republic.

Now, after the inauguration, the first hundred days of his leadership, at least there are three main agenda to be done by the commissioner of the Commission Volume II. Third agenda, namely, first, to prove its commitment to eradicating corruption. As we know, many people today who still doubt and to doubt the Commission's commissioners committed Volume II in combating corruption. Even not only that, now even in some circles has emerged and developed the assumption that the commissioner of the Commission is Volume II only "puppets" of political members of the Parliament, elected in order to protect the corrupt practices committed by the legislators. Therefore, many doubts and negative sentiments have been terminated immediately and answered by the commissioner of the Commission Volume II by proving its commitment to scrape out corrupt practices that occurred during this. Way, immediately perform various moves or stern action against all corrupt without a "selective logging", with a permanent foothold in the law and justice that coveted feeling of many people.

Second, immediately set priorities and work programs of corruption cases to be resolved by the Commission for four years. In determining priority of work programs, priorities should not just focus on only one sector (prosecution), but must include every sector, whether such prevention, Part II, commissioner of the Commission may determine the priorities for reform of the bureaucratic system. Because, without any improvement in the bureaucratic system that tends to corrupt, then the process of eradication of corruption will certainly experience obstacles and a stalemate. Furthermore, in the enforcement sector, commissioner of the Commission Volume II can take some priority cases that tend to have a profound effect in the territories of different countries. For example, by completing one of the biggest corruption cases occurred in the legislative, executive, and judiciary. As for asset recovery system and cooperation, commissioner of the Commission Part II must immediately begin to build a system that integrates with existing systems so far. Among other things, to include other relevant like, BPKP, INTRAC and the CPC in tracing the money that the state will or have been robbed by the corrupt.

Third, once fully completed, all arrears of corruption cases that have the glare of the public in the country over the years, as the case of flows of funds the Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP), funds flow case of Bank Indonesia (BI) to the House of Representatives, the case of Bank Indonesia liquidity assistance (BLBI), and must dare to investigate cases of corruption among law enforcers like the police, prosecutors and courts. In addition, the commissioner of the Commission Volume II also must immediately follow the results of recommendations from the Government Account Control Team (TPRP) Ministry of Finance (MoF) on account of the alleged "wild" in some departments institution with a total value reached Rp1, 097 trillion and U.S. $ 100,000, which was launched in mid-December. Furthermore, associated with the completion of a number of corruption cases above, the commissioner of the Commission Volume II also need to reinvigorate the implementation of the coordination and supervision duties CCA with other law enforcement officials (prosecutors and police). So far the implementation of the coordination and supervision duties the Commission, especially in the area is still limited to a mere formality. Requests the Commission to the various regions to monitor the handling of corruption cases committed by police and prosecutors, has not revealed a pattern of ongoing and encouraging results.

We hope, the third on the agenda can be implemented by the commissioner of the Commission Volume II in the first hundred days of his leadership. This is because most people think, the first hundred days will be the first picture to see and assess the future of the Commission. Even if, in the first hundred days of leadership, commissioner of the Commission vol II can move toward achieving that commitment had spoken before the Commission was elected as commissioner, then there is hope for a change to the better. However, if the deadline was not a surprising achievement, commissioner of the Commission is likely only Volume II will repeat the failures like the one done by his predecessor, commissioner of the Commission) Part I. Finally, we can only pray and hope that it does not just happen.

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