Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Article 27 UU ITE will be Revised

Seputar Indonesia, Wednesday, 23 December 2009.

JAKARTA (SI) - Minister of Justice and Human Rights (Menkumham) Patrialis Akbar stated, Article 27 of Law Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE) is reaping a lot of controversy must be revised.

Article 27 of Law Number 11 Year 2008 is set about humiliation or defamation. According Patrialis Akbar, defamation chapter as a sensitive article. "I see, this passage in castrate freedom of expression and freedom of opinion," he said while attending the establishment of Indigenous Community Caring at Hotel Le Meridien, Jakarta, yesterday. Article defamation as stipulated in Article 27 paragraph 3, according to former members of Parliament should be immediately changed. "Art has to be changed because it is very sensitive. If necessary, changed from the beginning as a whole, "said Patrialis.

Unknown, some observers, especially the bloggers, considered that Article 27 paragraph 3 as a rubber article. In addition to rein them in writing opinions, the authors assume, as the rules of this chapter in the New Order regime. In fact, the bloggers and the press had filed a judicial review to the Constitutional Court to examine this article. Since the article was introduced, some cases that are considered important not just sued, especially defamation case involving cyberspace.

Call it the accused Prita Mulyasari defame Omni International Hospital. In fact, recently sued the artist Luna Maya related infotainment workers scorn on his Twitter. These cases, said Patrialis, cause a lot of the pros cons of public, including Internet users and media people. From there Patrialis regard, Article 27 paragraph 3 of the Act ITE should be changed. However, Patrialis still reluctant to disclose exactly when and how the revision process will be the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

"See you later," said Patrialis. Observers Criminal Law University of Indonesia Rudy Satriyo rate, UU ITE current must be revised, particularly Article 27, paragraph 3, the governing defamation. "Agreed, even if need to be removed," he said when contacted daily Seputar Indonesia (SI) yesterday. According to him, the article governing defamation should not have to be included in the legislation because it is set in the Criminal Code and Law on the Press that its presence is not needed anymore.

However, if the revised plan is still being done so to discuss the articles that govern the freedom of expression. Overall, he said, the presence of UU ITE enough to protect, manage, and provide legal certainty for the people who will perform activities including transactions through Internet technology. "If Article 27 is and is not removed, then what about defamation must be revised because that's where the problem," he said.

Meanwhile, related feud Luna Maya artists and infotainment workers, investigators Polda Metro Jaya will be called Luna after inspection expert witnesses. PR Kabid Kombes Polda Metro Jaya Police Boy Rafli Amar, Luna Maya is likely to be called after the new year. Today, Boy said, the police are still collecting information and evidence of the case. Police also plan to call expert witnesses. "We are still collecting evidence first because the evidence is still not taken enough," he said yesterday.

But, he said, to the complainant in this case represented workers Priyo infotainment will be called the authorities in the near future. "The plan, within a day or two we will call the complainant to request information," he said. (okezone / Sucipto / helmi sharif).

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