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Corruption: From Seals To Tender

Tabloid Suara Islam, Edisi 16 Wednesday, 07 March 2007

CORRUPTION happens everywhere. Not only done by those who have small salaries, so less to meet the needs of everyday life, but also those who have obtained a large salary. Once the rise of this disease to people who try to avoid the corruption that infected sap, too.

Syam, call it so. He is a researcher at a government agency. At one point he suddenly received an envelope from the clerk in the office. It turned out that the envelope containing the money. He was shocked. He immediately asked this. Staff replied that the money is money for business trips into an area once held a piece of paper to be signed. He added another surprise. Because he was never to Irian Jaya. Finally Sham refused. With a little lobbying, the staff was trying to continue to want to sign Shams nganinya. But he refused. Do you know what happens next? Sham excluded almost by all the office staff. He was never again given the task.

Elsewhere, Adi has a story. He was the first honorary staff in a government department. He expresses no staff in the department that has all the seals on the Indonesian government. This seal is used for the department staff who want to get the stamp of his official travel documents without having to leave the area. It is the duty, every business trip to get a stamp on the area became the destination. Stay''you 30 thousand dollars fine,''he said. According to Adi, this behavior is not done clandestinely. Everyone in the department already knew.

There is also a model for business trips leave letter to his friend who went to an area. While he did not come off, but equally his duty to one's destination. Nitip was not just one or two, sometimes one group while leaving only one.

In addition, there are also mark-up. This corruption has been prevalent that even the perpetrators not only by high officials but also the lower classes. Purchase of goods many of which do not match the price. However, all records available and appropriate procedures. Usually has occurred between kalikong kong suppliers and employees.

So entrenched that his inappropriate behavior that no one had to be afraid of these actions. Equally know. As soon as possible about their language. Until one day, at a meeting at a government agency, a group of civil servants who made fun of corruption in the Commission by Mulyana W Kusumah. They said Mulyana berlum experienced. One employee pointed to his friend who were there who could earn more money than Mulyana but no problem.

Tender process for the purpose of avoiding unfair behavior, not apart from this action. It is no secret, most tender process is merely a trick to just meet the procedure. Usually the winner of the tender pre-existing partnership that is 'good' an agency. After that new look for his opponent. Company can rival the real or sometimes just a company that really does not have the qualifications for it. There the term 'credit flags' that is, to borrow the name of another company to become a competitor to have won the tender.

This corruption did not only occur in the bureaucracy. Could also in people's representatives. A national media never includes how an employee of a department has a specific task with a suitcase of cash to bribe the council members were discussing a law proposed by the institution. And this model is said to have plural. There are no transfers through accounts. All received in cash. This is just part of the ordinary happened as a bribe extortion and other bribes.


Reforms that will eliminate the dream of corruption, collusion and nepotism led to the opposite phenomenon. Corruption is increasing year after year. Deputy Coordinator of the Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) Widiyoko Danang in a hearing with the Ad Hoc Committee (PAH) I Regional Representative Council (DPD) in Senayan, Jakarta, recently said that, during the last three years, losses due to state corruption reached USD 24 trilyun.Tertinggi, losses to the state occurred in 2006, with the value of Rp14, 4 trillion.

Danang explained, if in 2004 there were revealed 153 cases, in 2005 as many as 125 cases and in 2006 increased to 166 cases. Government sector occupies the first trend of corruption cases, followed by an perhubung sector and transportation, and housing and land. In addition, people who were robbed of money corruptors experienced tremendous surge. This can be seen from the total amount of losses due to state corruption. If the state lost money in 2004 reached Rp 4.3 trillion, and increased to Rp 5.3 trillion in 2005, the year 2006 and dramatically since the melon reached Rp 14.4 trillion (24 / 1).

This fact shows that efforts to eradicate corruption by the government can not bring people out of Indonesia corrupt system. Constitutional law analyst Firdaus Arifin, call the main cause of disorientation that occurs in fighting corruption.

According to him, several factors are causing them diorientasi the various policies (policy) is taken by the government in combating corruption that many can not run effectively over the years, legal product that is used as the juridical basis in eradicating corruption, and institutions that function as front guard in eradicating corruption not been able to play optimally in eradicating and preventing corruption. According to Paradise, disorientation in the eradication of corruption should be immediately terminated.

Noorsy Ichsanuddin economic observers assess chronic disease of corruption emerged as a result of the implementation of the capitalist economic system that justifies greed. "Greed that has provided the opportunity for the occurrence of corrupt practices in various community activities. So even though the majority of Muslims but the prevailing economic system of greed, not the Islamic economic system so that the prevailing value system is greedy and selfish, the result was the behavior of people got greedy, "he said.

Various government efforts to overcome this damage will not work. Why? He said, because his approach was merely functional and instrumental, not structural. Yes''means only a dream,''he said. He added corruption was a systematic problem that must also be a systematic approach.
Behavior of this corruption, he said, is not due to the income factor as the eye. The more dominant, he said, the motivation factors of life. They do not have the awareness about the after life. ''To what and where it will after this life?''He said.

Therefore, Ichsan said corruption is not difficult. "Change just the system,''he said. The system can replace, he said, is the Islamic system because this system only to teach honesty.

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